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Have you ever wanted to be a cryptocar? Well, now you can! is the latest in online entertainment. You are able to race against other cryptocars and have fun while earning cryptocoins at the same time. This game has great graphics and it’s easy to learn how to play each of the cryptocar types. So what are you waiting for? Come on in and start racing today!

What cryptocars are ?

Cryptocars are cryptocoins that you earn by playing You can use cryptocoins to purchase cryptocar accessories and cryptocar upgrades. is the first game to offer cryptocar-to-player interaction like never before. To start your journey, browse through the cryptocars types below, choose your favorite cryptocar type and visit today! You can start by opening a blind box. You will need CCAR to start playing.

When you open a blind box, you will randomly receive one of the cryptocars in that set. You can use the cryptocoin that you earn while playing to purchase cryptocar accessories and cryptocar upgrades. Accessories and upgrades will help you race faster and win more races!

There are six cryptocar types in all, and each one has a different ability. You can find more information about each cryptocar type by visiting the website.

Why is one of the best play to earn ?

ROI is the profit percentage paid back to cryptocar owners every hour on weekdays, and up to twelve hours during weekends. It’s based from the cryptocoins that a cryptocar earns through racing.

The more coins your cryptocar accumulates, the greater ROI you will receive when it comes time to cash out! You can also earn money by referring other players for each referral you have active in cryptocars.

When you join, your cryptocar will start earning cryptocoins from racing as soon as you purchase a blind box or upgrade your cryptocar! Your cryptocar has the ability to race up to five races every 24 hours and it can earn between 30-100 cryptocoins per race depending on its type and where it places in each race.

What is CCAR?

The first thing that we need before we play our cryptocars are coins; these coins go by different names such as dollars (USD) or euros (EUR). However, there’s only one form of currency accepted at Cryptocars – cryptocoins (CCAR)! The cryptocoin wallet is used for tracking player funds. Players deposit cryptocoins into this digital wallet in order to race their cryptocars.

In order to start playing, you will need CCAR. You can purchase CCAR from using Metamask and Pancakeswap. Once you have deposited cryptocoins into your cryptocoin wallet, you’re ready to race!

Check out our recommended guide to start playing Cryptocars for more information about how to play and all the different ways that you can earn cryptocoins!

Conclusion is an exciting and innovative cryptocar racing game that lets you earn cryptocoins (CCARs) while playing the game! With cryptocars, you can purchase cryptocar accessories or upgrades to help your cryptocar race faster. You also receive a percentage of ROI for each cryptocoin earned through gameplay. The more coins your cryptocar earns, the greater ROI it will have when cashed out later on in life. If this sounds like something interesting to try out, come join us today!

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