Bitcoin is a maturing technology. It is not new as it has been popping up now and then. Bitcoin has had its rough times before, but this time it is different. This time, it got a lot of press coverage and it became a hot topic. Most of the coverage was negative, but that is only because they covered negative aspects of it. Bitcoinwas being ignored and forgotten by the bigwigs and rich people who could afford to ignore it.

Now that it has somehow proven its worth, it is being used by the normal working population to transfer funds, pay for purchases and buy things etc. This article will tell you how it got acceptance by the normal people and how you can use it on your own.

Bitcoin has been around for few years now. So it has been passed from cypercy to every wallet across the globe. It didn’t make it by through any of the high-profile financial institutions like investment banks, investment houses etc. And as a result people didn’t like it.

One reason it got excluded was because its users were mainly those who are in the country where it resides, i.e. Bitcoin was not popular outside US. stealth ate the west. However, things have changed now and we in the west are finally ready to accept it. The breaking down of the wall of faxless payments has made small things simpler as well.

Over the past few months we have seen a copy of a Bitcoin ATM card. Now ATMs can give coins to people who cannot walk around with cash. You get something when you swipe the card. The amount given to you by the ATM is based on what has been built into the ATM software. These ATMs are at increases of $1,000, which is a major strike at not just one but a number of PPCs. A PPC is usually a lot of money, at least a thousand dollars.

Bitcoin ATM software is similar to your doodads at the supermarket- you swipe it in and get the money. There are a lot of ATMs mushrooming in abandoned places. They act like ATMs, but they are not. They will dispense small coins and you carry the money out and put it into your pocket. This is safer then running around the city with a bunch of cash and getting hit by flying patters.

The price of one Bitcoin has gone from $2 to almost $900 in a few weeks. It is a good reminder about how a lot of people are treating this technology and how it has changed our modern world. Bitcoin is not here just to be used and worshiped like some religious boyband. It is here to to help and it is more valuable than anything or everyone could ever think of taking on.

Get familiar with what, because in a few weeks time we will let you know that you can take your property to liberty and use bitcointax to do it.

Lets stop talking about all the bad news. Let’s cover how bitcointax works for retailers and users like you and I make it easier for us to transfer money online in a safe and easy way for everyone. The one thing I cannot stress enough about all this is to stay safe and make sure you have all the security software and protection system in place prior to you do anything otherwise. Unfortunately there are people out there who are trying to take advantage of this technology. You have to be responsible about who you give your information too when you want to trade bitcoin. It is your responsibility to protect your identity and your finances.


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